Making Time for The Splendor of Nature

Lately my husband and I have gotten glimpses of what our lives will be like next year when we’re officially “empty nesters.” Now that our daughter drives, works and has her own busy life, we’ve been spending more time with just the two of us. Unfortunately, not all Boomer couples know what to do once it’s just the two of them again – they fall into a trap after years of devoting their lives to their kids (think 12 or more years of dance lessons, sports games, school activities). But the day always comes when the kids are off and running, and some Boomers don’t know how to use their newly available time wisely. In the interest of true Solid Living, we suggest that Boomers find ways to leverage this newfound freedom and flexibility. We’re doing that and if today was an example of what’s in store for us, sign me up.


Image 1My husband’s in retail so today was a rare weekend day off for him and we were determined to do something besides chores or errands, the normal weekend routine. We left the house early this morning, bought picnic supplies and headed to the North Georgia mountains. Once there, we hiked two beautiful trails (Dukes Creek Falls, a moderate 2.2 mile hike round trip and Anna Ruby Falls, an easy one mile trek round trip.) At Dukes Creek, we set up our picnic and enjoyed the beauty and splendor around us (see photos). We had a great day and as we were talking afterwards over beer and brats in the quaint alpine village of Helen, Georgia, it occurred to us that there are so many people we know who will never experience this natural beauty or really enjoy each other’s company once the distraction of raising kids is over. So with today’s post, I challenge all Solid Living Boomers to make a commitment to step outside of the normal daily grind and visit somewhere unique or special nearby. The chores, errands, and work will still be there when you get back, but you’ll have a great memory to carry forward, not to mention get exercise, fresh air, and spend quality time with whomever you choose to spend the day. Feel free to send photos of the wonderful places you experience and I’ll be happy to post them on the site.