Boomers Need Pets

First, apologies for the delay between posts. Last September I fell hiking and broke my dominant wrist so took what I thought would be a brief hiatus. Turns out I also had a torn ligament requiring surgery and subsequent therapy. To make a long story short, by the time I felt like doing recreational writing (and typing), I’d lost my blogging habit. But now I’m back, so get ready for my insights for Baby Boomers.
Ozzie and Munchkin watching me work
Ozzie and Munchkin watching me work

This morning was an usual morning because neither my husband nor I had to work, so we took our time get up and about, lazing around reading and cuddling our pugs, Munchkin and Ozzie. I started thinking about how enriching it is to have these two adorable, cuddly, non-judgmental beings in our lives. All they ever want from us is “scratches,” carrots as treats, food, fresh water, and lots of body contact. What we get back is so much more; the benefits of pet ownership (especially dogs, in my humble opinion) are significant and can help any Solid Living Boomer as we age.

Consider just some of the many benefits of pet ownership:

  • Companionship – I talk to my dogs as if they’re my kids. They seem to love it and I’m never bored or lonely.
  • Exercise – Admittedly we’re a little weak in this department with Munchkin and Ozzie, but many dog owners have at least a little enforced exercise each day if they have to walk or play with a dog.
  • Unconditional and non-judgmental love – It’s so nice that our pets love us no matter what. We don’t generally receive unconditional or non-judgmental anything from humans, but we can count on our pets for this.
  • Improved Health – An article on WebMD (click here to view that article) lists health benefits from pet ownership including building up tolerance to allergens and helping to lower blood pressure.

Sure, there are some downsides to pet ownership – dog hair, vet bills, and pet sitting when you travel, but the benefits FAR outweigh the downsides. I personally could not imagine life without my furry, sweet babies. How about you?