Please allow me to introduce myself…

To quote the Rolling Stones, Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste. Well, maybe not so wealthy…and my 17-year-old daughter questions my taste all the time. Oh, and I’m not a man either. So scrap all that and let’s start again and I’ll give it to you straight. My name is Terri. I’m a 57-year-old, hard-working business professional, mom to the aforementioned 17-year-old daughter, happily married wife of a younger man (by 6-1/2 years), self-actualizing, work in progress.

Several years ago, as my 50s were looming large, I noticed that people of my generation were starting to fall into two categories — those that seemed to give up and give in to all the nasty things that can happen after a lifetime of gravity, heredity, bad nutrition and stress, and those who were taking steps to ensure happier and healthier golden years down the road. I was definitely heading into the former category before my epiphany but now, six or so years later, I am firmly in the latter category of people – I want to enjoy and not suffer through the next few decades. I know life holds no guarantees, but at least we should take control of the parts we can manage and strive for high quality, solid living. I’ve learned so much along this progressive journey that I can’t wait to share with other Baby Boomers (and those in the other generations who want to get a jump start on solid living).

My plan is to educate, entertain, curate, inform and provide some fun and comic relief. You can expect blogs on topics ranging from fitness to work, family issues to travel, technology to music, and a whole heck of a lot more. But trust me, this is not a self-less blog. I’m just applying the tried and true technique of learning through teaching, so I plan to learn a lot, too.

Please visit often – besides the solid living advice and information, I’ve got some fun and helpful features in store that my peeps, whom I call Solid Living Boomers, are sure to appreciate. Here’s a sampling of current and upcoming features on the site:

  • Nostalgic recipes like our moms used to make, accompanied by modern day healthy versions
  • Boomer Savings, where you can learn about restaurants and other businesses who offer discount programs for people at 50, 55 and above
  • Trivia contests from the “good old days” of the 50s, 60s and 70s
  • Links to and reviews of products and services geared towards solid living boomers
  • Interviews with sage Boomers

…and lots more.┬áIf you have solid living advice you’re dying to share I’d love to hear from you and will give you a forum to express what you’re learning on your own personal journey. Feel free to use the comment box. This is going to be so much fun!

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