Hot Water Heater Quick Fix – Trust Me, You’ll Want to Know

Hot Water Heater Cartoon

Today’s blog post comes from Mr. Fix-It, a/k/a my husband Ken. Ken is the ultimate handyman, carpenter and home repair expert. I’ve asked him to contribute occasionally to this blog because many Solid Living Boomers are also homeowners and have to deal with pesky home maintenance issues.

Ken’s home repair tip today is a lesson we learned the hard way this year – the very hard way when our hot water heater rusted out and flooded our basement. Believe it or not, this wasn’t our worst house flood this year, but it was pretty bad.

Who knew that your hot water heater warrants its own bi-annual maintenance? Now that we know, let us share these tips with you:

  • Twice a year you should partially drain your hot water heater.
  • We suggest you release a couple of gallons of the water inside to flush out any sediment.
  • A good way to remember this is to plan to flush the heater out at the same time you set your clocks backwards or forwards for Day Light Savings (sorry, if you live in Arizona or parts of Indiana, you’ll need to figure out a different reminder system since your states smartly ignore Day Light Savings and all the back and forthing of the clocks).
  • To make this process easier, Ken has installed a $5 hose reel and hose (that you can purchase at Home Depot, Lowe’s or similar establishments). He suggests buying a hose that can reach easily to where you want to drain the water, such as a sink, bathtub, or the great outdoors. I’ve included a photo of our hose hook-up below.
  • Simple attach the hose to the nozzle on the hot water heater, put the other end where it should drain and open the valve to release the water. DANGER Will Robinson – that water will be hot so be careful (note the gratuitous Baby Boomer cultural reference – use the comment section to tell us where that reference comes from).
  • After you drain a few gallons, the hot water heater will automatically refill.

Our hope is that today’s tip helps you avoid the flooding situation we experienced. Trust me, it was NOT fun – and did I mention that Ken was out of town when our hot water heater flooded?

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