About Us


Welcome to Solid Living Boomers. After turning 50 in 2007, I realized that there was a lot I had to do to live a long, happy, healthy life. I’ve been on a journey of exploration and discovery these past several years and am ready to share what I’m learning as I’m learning it, since I’m a work-in-progress (as are we all, right?)

Who am I? My name is Terri and I’m a mom, wife, working professional, sometime writer, dog lover, and all around busy person, just like so many Baby Boomers. This blog will offer advice, suggestions, insights, research, information, education and fun — all geared to those of us in the Baby Boom generation who want to optimize every aspect of our lives in our “Golden Years.”

I always welcome your suggestions and invite you to check back often – you’ll find blogs on topics ranging from health, fitness, nutrition, romance, mental well-being, entertainment, and lots more. Can’t wait to share this big adventure with you!